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Steps to create a tenant (account) are as follows:

Step-1: Go to www.portal.risersoft.com. Click on Sign in button appear on the right top side.

Step-2: Login page will appear. Enter your login details.

a. Enter your Email id. Click on Next.

b. Enter your password and click on Sign In.

Step-3: If you are a user of more than one tenant, tenant list will appear. Click on Add New Account button. Product list will appear. Click on KGCPPlus product.

Step-4: User can subscribe to KCGPPlus by performing 4 steps.

a. First click on in the Selected Tier section. Tiers list will appear. By default,for example - KGCPPlus Std (INR) tier will select. You can change the tier and currency according to your requirement.

Click on Buy/ Try button according to your requirement.

If you click on Try button, your tenant will create for one month and amount will be Zero.

b. Click on in the Plan details section. Enter the number of users. Click on continue.

c. Account details section will appear. Enter Account name, and Account Type. To add new billing address, click on Add button and fill the form, click on Save. You can select existing billing address also.

d. Click on Confirm. Payment details will appear.

e. Click on Confirm. Tenant creation successful message will appear.

Check Points After Tenants Creation

After creating tenant from portal, check points are:

1.Check account entries like servername,databasename,storageaccount etc. in Account table (AuthDB2).

2.Check entries in tenant table(mxgstdb).

3.Add entries in SystemOptions table ( mxgstdb).

4.Add entries for customer/vendor/campus in DocNumSys table (mxgstdb).

5.Check entries in postperiod and gstregpp table (mxgstdb).


When login into registration portal, account (tenant) list will appear to select the account. To explore the account, click on Click here link .

Increase Tenant Expiry Date

If tenant has expired and you want to increase the tenant expiry date, you have to edit the ExpireDate in Account table for particular tenant.

Increase Purchase Users Limit

If you want to increase the users limit, edit the PurchaseLicense in Account table for particular tenant.