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My Leave

You can see leave balance and apply for leave from this section.

Step-1: When click on My Leave button. Two options will appear -> My Leave Balance and My Leave Applications.

Step-2: Click on My Leave Balanace to check leave balance.

Step-3: To apply leave , double click on row of casual balance or earned balance -> Click on Apply Leave in Actions . Leave form will appear.

Fill the details. You can select start date and end date by clicking on them.

If you want to apply start date half day, click on Half Start Day check box or you want to apply for half day of end date, click on Half End Date.

Click on Apply Leave button. Leave applied successfully message will show.

Step-4: Click on My Leave Applications to check leave application status.

To cancel leave application , double click on application row -> Click on Pending Leave Detail option in Actions . Form will appear . Click on Cancel button .

If you have any pending leave application i.e., no action has been taken by leave authority or HR department on your application, you can not apply another leave. You have to cancel your pending application or your application will be approve/rejected by HR department.

Note: Leave applications applied by employees through mobile app will be display by Click on HRMS menu -> Leave applications. HR department can take any action on leave applications from here.