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Create Assignment

Step-1: Select Assignment as a content type from the list.Assignment form will appear.

Step-2: Fill the entries and upload the questions pdf file ( Click on Choose file -> select the file and click on Upload).

Step-3: Click on Save.

Note : 1.Assignments should be submitted by learners between start date & End Date.

2.Goto Assignment should be visible after End Date and Time & Submitted by Learners.

After Saved assignment need to set visibility for created assignment, For this need to go My Course -> Edit Course Content and marked on check
box under Action and save it.

Note: By default visibility check box will be false.

Check the Assignment Answers Submitted by Learners

After Submitted by Learners Login as Instructor and go to my Course menu and browse course and go to assignment node and expend it now all assignments are showing. Expend assignment sub node and go to Learners node and right click on learner row which you want to check assignment and click on Go to Assignment navigation.

Note: Goto Assignment should be visible after submitted by learners within start date and end date and End date should be end.