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After sign-in your account, You have to create a company. It means that you have to enter some details of your company to link your company with this web application. Follow the given steps to create your company:

STEP-1: Click on Master → Company → New Company. The Company form will appear.

STEP-2: Enter your company details in Basic Panel.

STEP-3: To add GST Registration Number, click on Add Registration button. New fields will appear to enter some details.

STEP-4: Fill the details.

STEP-5: Now enter details of your head office in Head Office panel.

STEP-6: Click on Config panel and enter your brand name and starting date of your business in Fin Start Date field.

STEP-7: Click on Save button.


Click on Master -> Company →List Of Companies. The list of all companies will display.


You can edit your company by following the given steps:

STEP-1: Click on Master -> Company →List Of Companies. Select any company that you want to edit. Right click on that company. Click on Edit Company option. Your company details will display.

STEP-2: Edit the details and click on Save button. Your company details will save successfully.

Note: You can edit company by:

  1. Right click on Campus and select Edit Company.