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You can create your call marketing by following the given steps:

STEP-1: Click on Activity → Call Marketings → New Call Marketing. Call Marketing Form will appear.

STEP-2: Fill Call Marketing Details.

STEP-3: Assign Campaign to User or team by selecting single or multiple users or single team entries from the list.

STEP-4: To Add Prospect. Click on Add Prospects button. A model pop-up with list of prospects will appear.

Select prospect that you want to add and click on save button in model pop-up.

STEP-5: Click on Save button.

Note: You can Add Call Marketing from Campaign List, right click on Campaign and select Add Call Marketing.


Click on Activity → Call Marketings→ List Of Call Marketings. The list of Call Marketing will display.


You can edit Call Marketing by following the given steps:

STEP-1: Select the Call Marketing that you want to edit. Right click on it and select Edit Call Marketing.

STEP-2: Edit the details and click on Save button.