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Click on Navigation-> Actions->New Navigation

Application ->User can select application in this block.

Product ->User can set product for created Navigation in this block.

Nav Code ->User can set Code for created Navigation.it is unique for publisher and product.

Sortindex ->User can sortindex for created navigation it is require sequencing for right click option.

Nav Caption ->User can set display name for created navigation in this block.

Application Tab

User can select application in this block.

Platforms -> User can set platform for created form like window, web etc.

Menu ->Menu block include two parts.

Menu Tag ->User can define menu definition for navigation in this block.


< VIEW KEY="viewSalesOrder">< IDX VALUE="%SalesOrderid%"/>< /VIEW>

VIEW KEY: Using this tag we can set view key for navigation. IDX VALUE:Using tis tag we can set IDX value for IDX based value view.

Menu Category ->User can set menu category in this block like Nav for navigation.

Currently using three type of navigation.

(i).nav—For Navigation

(ii).adfrm->For Add Option.

(iii).editfrm->For Edit Option

Conditions Tab

View Condition ->User can set view in this block.Created navigation Showing on only this.

DataXML Tab

SysEntXML->User can set Idfield in this block, Created Navigation visible only if this idfield available on view.

E.g. <SYS ID="CompanyID"/>

Grid Condition->User can set condition in this block. Created navigation available only if this condition full fill.

E.g. <COL KEY="DocType"><VALUE VALUE1="IS"/></COL>

Children Tab

1. Product->User can set Products for accessibility of systableid.

 E.g. Adventure Demo

2. AppList->User can set applist here.

 E.g. adm


Click on Appsystem->Navigations


Click on Appsystem->Navigation->Right Click->Edit Navigation