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Click on Fliters -> Actions ->New Filter

Filter Tab

Applications ->User can set application for created filter.

Filter Key ->User can set Filter key it is unique for publisher and product.

Field Name ->User can set filter name for display in this block.

Product ->User can set product in this block.

Filter Type ->User can set Filter type in this block

Display Name ->User Can set Filter name for display in this block.

Hide Cols ->User can set columns which should be hide when apply filter from View output.

Is Permanent ->User cam marked if require filter is permanent.

Is Displayed ->User can marked if filter should be display with condition.

User Can Set ->User can marked if it’s value editable.

LookupSQL ->User can set Lookup SQL query in this block.

Generate ->User can verify filter output click on Generate Button.

StrENum ->User can set filter data source without sql query.

View Override ->User can set formatting for filter output.

Children Tab

1. Product->User can set Products for accessibility of systableid.

 E.g. Adventure Demo

2. AppList->User can set applist here.

 E.g. adm

Output ->


Click on Appsystem->Filters


Click on Appsystem->Filters->Right->Click->Edit Filters